KH006: Pizazz Musiq

Cassette:   $5.99
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Recorded entirely on Casio keyboards in bedrooms and basements during the summer of 2007, the self-titled debut album from Philadelphia + Los Angeles-based experimental pop duo Pizazz Musiq evokes comparisons to both the spastic, nerd-heavy electronica of Devo as well as the lyrical simplicity and tongue-in-cheek themes of Beat Happening. With hook-laden tracks such as “Bobcat Goldthwait” and “Have Your Friends Sing Along!”, Pizazz Musiq’s unmistakable brand of lo-fi pop is sure to become your #1 summer jam.

All copies of KH006 are dubbed by us onto a C36 cassette. This release is limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. Both sides of the tape feature the album in its entirety, so all you need to do is flip over the tape and “Party Some More!”

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