KH002: Pizza! – Bogus Rimshots From the Fourth

Cassette:   $5.99
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Known for percussion-heavy, tropical, punky, and literate synth-pop, Pizza! has drawn comparisons to most every important band from the canon of rock music, including new wave heroes like Devo, David Bowie, David Byrne and Sparks, as well as seemingly non sequitur influences including the Byrds, Beach Boys, Modest Mouse, and the Velvet Underground.

Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth compiles all of Pizza!’s early recordings and B-sides all onto a golden yellow C40 tape and features artwork designed by the band. Each tape is hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies and includes a free digital download of the album.

“Perhaps it’s wrong or simply impossible to specify sources in this band—Together, Pizza! produces a rare repertoire that exhibits the perfect mix of chops and whimsy, scholarship and senselessness.”

LA Record
, Oct 2009

“The disregard for genre is refreshing. It’s good times music with dark themes. Good for solo underwear dance parties, cleaning or repainting your room in primary colors.”

International Tapes, August 2010

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