A little shout-out to my hometown(area) making sure you keep the evening of July 10th totally and completely open. Why? So you can check out the artists behind KH002, of course!

Pizza! will be playing at Amnesia in the city along with fellow Angelinos Signals (featuring former members of the Mae Shi). Some San Francisco bands are on the bill, too, but everyone knows that no US “underground” music scene can hold a candle to LA right now — take that, Brooklyn! (In all seriousness, I’m sure the local bands are wonderful, so you should go awkwardly stand in the center of the venue to watch them as well.)

In other Pizza!+KILL/HURT related news, Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth is on its way to the tape printer to get nicely decorated and will then come back to us for dubbing, packaging and other fun times. Long story short, KH002 will be out sometime in mid-July and will be totally available for sale online and at whatever Pizza! shows pop up in LA after the release. We are super stoked for this tape — and you should be, too!

July 3 @ Pehrspace w/ Moses Campbell
July 6 @ the Echo w/ Fol Chen
July 10 @ Amnesia (SF) w/ Signals, No Babies+Dad Fag
July 25 @ Space 1520 w/ Summer Darling
August 5 @ Echo Curio w/ Kid Infinity
August 11 @ Hide and Seek w/ Evan Voytas
August 13 @ the Smell w/ Aunt Dracula+Essay
August 30 @ Echo Curio w/ Michael Nhat

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