After a lot of checking the UPS online tracking system, our first batch of blank cassettes have finally arrived over at Kill/Hurt HQ! We think you’ll agree with us in saying that they look TOTALLY RAD. Special thanks to our distributor, Tony, over at Rainbow Tapes for putting up with our picky tape lengths.

In case you were wondering, that bright gold tape is be used for Pizza’s Bogus Rimshots from the Fourth tape, the transparent purple belongs to the Franks and the black tape is for KH001 — Brendan Welsh’s Night Vision Street Magic.

So now that we have all the materials, we’ll just be spending the next few weeks duplicating and packing and all that other fun stuff. We should have the first release out  in the next week or so, so follow us on Twitter, sign up for the mailing list or just obsessively check the site to see when Night Vision Street Magic is available for purchase.

There’s also a lot of exciting stuff in the works and a lot of amazing tapes we’re working on, but we’ll let you all take a grab at these releases first.

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