Seeing as how we are (soon!) going to branch out into pressing vinyl, it seems only halfway relevant that I mention an amazing project spearheaded by indie stalwarts Kill Rock Stars featured on the uber-hip fundraising website Kickstarter.

Way back in 2001, KRS released the entire discography of the totally-rad all-girl Swedish post-punk band Kleenex/LiLiPUT on 2 CDs; more recently, the label put out a CD/DVD combo package featuring live performances from the band’s heyday.

With a P4K approved score under its belt for the original 2 CD release and tons of requests from fans, KRS wants to turn the original LiLiPUT release into a 4-LP box set using Kickstarter to raise funds — but they can’t do it without your help.

Unfortunately, KRS only has 9 more days to reach their Kickstarter goal of $20,000 to make this box set a reality. Currently, the label has only raised a little over $4,000, which is uncool by any standards. I mean, far more ridiculous and amateurish junk has been fully-funded via Kickstarter, so what gives, Internet? Yes, $20k seems like a lot to throw at a vinyl release, but KRS is keeping it real by doing this DIY and not throwing themselves into severe bankruptcy. I can appreciate that. (Plus, pressing vinyl is EXPENSIVE.)

With pricing packages starting at a measly $1.00 and capping off at $1,500+, KRS will give donors a variety of incentives ranging from a single mp3 to the entire 2010 KRS catalog on vinyl. (If you’re wondering — yes, I pledged $20, but I would fund the whole thing if I could.)

And the best (well, worst) part — if KRS fails to meet the $20,000 goal, none of the donors are charged. (That also means I don’t get my goodies, but oh well.) Wouldn’t it be so much radder if they did meet the goal and more people could discover the frenetic, noise-filled goodness of one of the most influential girl bands of the punk underground? (Answer: YES.)

So head on over to Kickstarter and pledge — even a dollar helps! I want this on vinyl!

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