Head on out to the Spread in Sun Valley tonight to catch a rad lineup of bands including KILL/HURT friends the Franks and the Damn Sons. The show is $5 (bonus) and BYOB (super bonus). Besides, what were you going to do anyway? See Conan O’Brien up at Universal City Walk? (OK, if that’s a part of your Saturday night plans, carry on. I am jealous.)

If you’re anything like me, you probably have no idea where Sun Valley is. Thank you, Google Maps — it’s out by Burbank, so no Coachellaesque journeys here.

To top it all off, Chris and I will be recording the show for the Franks’ cassette release with us. That’s right, it’s going to a be a live tape release. Sweet. (Don’t worry, we have some Damn Sons projects in the works, too.)

So stop by, say “What’s up,” bro down, etc.

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